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About Marshy's Group

About Marshy's Group

Our vision at Marshy's Group, is to remove the frustrations and complexity out of technology and other services and open our customers up to a world of new ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Constant advancements today can cause hassles and frustration, and we are here to make life easy and fix those problems and explain it all to you in ways you understand. We provide computer repairs, tech support, and communication solutions with new ideas coming each day. We love all technology and we're serious about keeping life fun and simple for you too.

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Latest news

  • Charity Devices

    Marshy’s is proud to say that we are both environmentally and community conscious. We are always willing to take your old machine away after an upgrade, in order to refurbish the PC for donation to those in need. Currently we are in the process of establishing a collection of usable parts to be repurposed for […]

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    How To Trust The Cable Guy

    If you are not a technical person, there is no shame in that. You may have skills that I.T people do not have. They may pay you for your service like fixing their car; like-wise, you pay them to fix your computer. However… how well do you, know and trust your computer technician before you […]

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